Feature Films

tinker lindsay screenwriter

Hector and the Search for Happiness

Co-writer with Maria von Heland, Peter Chelsom,
and François Lelord

Producer: Egoli Tossell Film
Studio: Relativity
Director: Peter Chelsom
Current Status: Released September, 2014

Christmas Lost and Found

Co-writer with Peter Chelsom and Samantha Silva

Producer: Egoli Tossell Film
Director: Peter Chelsom
Current status: In development

Hannah Montana, the Movie

Creative Consultant

Producer: Millar Gough Ink
Studio: The Walt Disney Company
Director: Peter Chelsom
Current status: Released 2009

The Crawling Eye

Co-writer with Cameron Keys

Current status: Available

Saving Juliet

Co-writer with Peter Chelsom

Producer: Gotham Group
Studio: Myriad Pictures
Director: Peter Chelsom
Current Status: In Development


Producer, Consultant

Based on the novel LION COUNTRY by Frederick Buechner
Producer: Thomas Beatty
Director: Ali Selim
Current Status: In Development.

Town and Country

Creative Consultant (as Tinker Beatty)

Studio: New Line
Director: Peter Chelsom
Status: Released, 2001

Hoar Frost

Co-writer with Cameron Keys

Producer: Full Vision Productions
Director: Robert Manciero
Current status: In Development

Buddha, the Inner Warrior

Co-writer with Pan Nalin

Producer: Monsoon Films; Indiana Production Co.
Director: Pan Nalin
Current status: Pre-production

Tulip Fever

Co-Writer with Peter Chelsom and Tom Stoppard

Producer: Ruby Films
Studio: The Weinstein Company
Director: Justin Chadwick
Current Status: Post-production

Shall We Dance

Creative Consultant

Studio: Miramax
Director: Peter Chelsom
Status: Released, 2004.

Patty and Marge

Co-Writer with Peter Chelsom

Studio: MGM
Status: Turnaround

Documentary: Seeing Infants with Eyes

Co-writer, director, producer,
with Camille Stranger

Distributor: National Association
for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
Winner: Honorable Mention,
New York Film Festival.

Running Late


Based on author’s original Essay,
“Running the London Marathon, or Stumbling to Samadhi.”