Tinker LIndsay testimonials

"I’m so grateful for Tinker Lindsay’s over-the-top attention to my manuscript — more than anything I expected, and so useful. From the beginning and through many drafts, she helped me plumb the deepest and most true writing for my memoir. The arc she delineated gave final shape to slippery emotional material. Tinker offered criticism without being critical and brought insight to my ‘blind side.’ As they say in the ad biz, priceless."

– Barbara Sweeney, poet, author
"Working with Tinker Lindsay has provided some of the highlights of my life as a writer. She was the first editor with whom I ever worked at the age of seventeen. With tremendous help from Tinker, my first novel landed me a literary agent. Throughout the process, Tinker’s insight, wit, and charm made getting notes exciting and inspiring. Two years and two novels later, I have learned more about writing from working with Tinker than I have from any class. Her knowledge has been invaluable to me and I consider myself lucky to have found her."

– M. Julienne Herskowitz, author
"Above all, thanks go to Tinker Lindsay, my editor. She went far beyond the call of duty with this project and poured her heart and soul into it at every twist and turn, lingering with every word and comma in pursuit of the mot juste."

– Arjuna Ardagh, author, The Translucent Revolution
"Tinker Lindsay’s writing skills proved to be of invaluable assistance throughout the writing of my latest book, From Science to God. She helped me organize my ideas and create a structure that flowed well and kept the reader captivated. Her excellent sense of composition kept the big picture in focus and her fine editing skills brought an exceptional degree of clarity to the book."

– Peter Russell, author, From Science to God
"Parme Giuntini and I had spent over three years co-editing Garb, a collection of essays on fashion and culture for Prentice Hall. We’d reached an impasse, and felt confused as to how to proceed. Fortunately, I was familiar with Tinker Lindsay’s excellent writing skills as well as her extremely discerning editing abilities. Prentice Hall hired her as a conceptual editor, and the results were truly remarkable. Not only did Tinker provide important insights as to what was needed for each essay, but she also completely reorganized Garb, resulting in wonderful cohesion and big picture clarity. I heartily recommend Tinker as the antidote to any writing dilemma."

Kathryn Hagen, author, co-editor, Garb
"A special thanks goes to Tinker Lindsay, for her open mind and intuitive and incisive style, and for helping me bring this book to completion with richness in mind and heart."

– Anne Bertolet Rice, author, The Healing Power of the Deep Heart